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Since 1948, Fries Frozen Foods has been a reliable and consistent abattoir business for customers across the southeastern US. Since acquiring this butcher facility, 920 has taken great pride and humility in continuing on the legacy of the Fries Family. The shop is rich in history, heritage, and family - all of which we strive to share with our clientele.

Abattoir Services

Raising the meat you feed your family is a noble and fulfilling means to show your love. We offer full butcher, cutting, wrapping and freezing services for your stock that will be ready to carry home.


We offer beef and pork from our family farm to provide for your family. We offer whole, half and quarter stock, as well as primal cuts and whole cuts.


We have a strategic contract business with restaurants to meet their beef and pork menu needs. You can find 920 raised meats in selects restaurants across Georgia.


Visit our local shop to select from our retail counter for products to take home and prepare for your family. We also offer seasonal packages designed to ease the stress of holidays, tailgates and other group events.

Transferring the Legacy

After long conversations on the back porch, countless phone calls with Mr. Fries, endless prayers for guidance and wisdom, and constant research and questions for our advisors/mentors, we decided that the legacy Mr. Fries and his family had built for generations was something we wanted to not only be a part of, but something we wanted to continue to build for generations to come. We have merged the timeless and invaluable experience of the butcher staff with our progressive and tech savvy farm to create solutions for customers unlike any in the southeast (and arguably, unlike any in the country). The diversity of our operations helps to protect our customers from volatility in the markets while providing a sense of transparency and understanding of the food they provide for their families or guests.
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