The Heart of a Farmer

It is not uncommon to hear all the ramblings and cynical talk about the views of a farmer/producer/rancher and how they are out to get the consumer; that the food they produce is going to harm others so that they can increase their yields and capture a little more money for themselve. The general public has been persuaded out of fear to believe these outlandish perspectives – perspectives that have no truth or reasoning behind them. I’m not saying that every farmer is perfect, because in every industry, in every market, in every culture, in every community, in every business, you will have the few that misrepresent the whole. However, the voice of the mass and hearts of the good should be what we celebrate and share.

The truth is, agriculturalists pride themselves on being the caregivers of the land, animals and environment that God has provided to us. It is a heavy burden and blessing to carry, and one that is constantly being tested, challenged, and defamed. That’s okay though, because the producer is strong, tough, intelligent, resourceful and gregarious – they will endure.

I wish that every person could spend time on a farm and witness the daily miracles that happen in life around the farm. Due to government regulations, legal implications and the concern for food safety, it is incredibly difficult to allow this to freely happen… difficult, yes, but not impossible. In any event, you are all welcome to come visit us anytime!! We love sharing farm-life!

The one thing I wish more people understood about the people who produce their food is their heart… their hearts of gold, soft and tender hearts that are forever caring about their families, their products, food safety and the nutritional value of their products for God’s people. I am blessed to have many of these people in my life and get to see first hand the love, compassion and faith of a farmer’s heart. They make sure that baby calves, lambs, chicks and piglets are delivered safely and naturally; they take in orphaned bunnies to keep the coyotes from eating them; they look after their employees who muddle through the less-than-glamorous responsibilites; they donate produce to local food shelters and hospitals; they support local sporting events; they sponsor educational programs and share their time to encourage students to work hard and excel in school; they feed stray cats and dogs so they don’t go hungry; they appreciate the migrant labor and treat them like family, providing them homes, food and other resources; they teach their children how to love, respect and care for others; they have faith even when the odds are against them; they care for the sick, help the weak and feed the hungry. They are the unsung hero of our world.

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